Vijaynagar is the eastern most people’s inhabited land of our country which is also the remotest Circle (Tehsil) of Changlang district in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. This beautiful pristine location is endowed with natural beauty and surrounded on three sides by Myanmar while the other side is flanked by the large chunk of thick forest of Namdapha National Park. Nearby towns are Miao which is 157 km away and take about 6 days walk by foot march. The other nearest town located in other districts in India side are Hayuliang and Tezu. The nearest town in Myanmar side is Putao which is 40 km away. Vijoynagar’s local name is “Daudi” called by Lisu (Yobin) people.

Vijonagar, comprises of sixteen villages having a population of 4438 people The villagers depend on Wetland and Jhoom Cultivation for their livelihood, and are dependent on rainfall. The Day to day requirement of Groceries is met by a few Shops; and which bring the Stores from Dibrugarh by Air or from Miao on foot. It takes six days to travel on foot from Vijoynagar to Miao. In Vijoynagar, Salt and Sugar are sold at minimum Rs 200 per Kilogram. Limited Civil and Military Helicopters (AN 32) fly from Dibrugarh and Miao to Vijoynagar Airfield which are also very irregular and limited haulage capacity. In that they can take up to one ton load with eighteen persons on board. Previously there were two such Sorties for Civilians and three numbers for Assam Rifle personnel before last Helicopter crashed incidence at Tirap district.

As there is no road connection to the area, people are dependent on Military Helicopter for essential services and requirements. Fifty five percent of the population belong to retired Assam Rifle personnel and 45 percent is of Civilians comprising of mainly Lisu (Yobin) people.

The settlement of the Assam Rifle personnel began from May 7, 1961 onwards. Prior to 1961, this place was little known to outside World. The villages have a number of Primary Schools. There is Arunachal Pradesh Government run Secondary School up to Ten standard. There are only one or two teachers in each school. Many years back there was a motorable road existing in the area, but due to deterioration, it is no longer exist. The telecommunication facilities are not available, and only Radio Net communications are available in the Assam Rifles Camp. Detachment of Government Agencies like SIB and Arunachal Pradesh Police exist in the area. Assam Rifles camp has limited medical facilities. During emergency medical cases when patients have to be go out for urgent treatment, it is very difficult for people to avail medical facility outside Vijoynagar. The villagers are not covered under water supply scheme and draw raw water for their consumption. Power Department has installed Generator set for Power supply, but due to non availability of funds for procuring Diesel, the Generator is not functional. Few solar power lights were installed couple of years, but they are also not working properly now.

Since couple of years, it has been reported that there is proposal from government for construction of road from Miao to Vijoynagar which is yet to be undertaken by the authority. The people of Vijoynagar are eagerly waiting for a motorable road since long at least to minimize their hardship in going in and out from Vijoynagar especially during emergency cases.

The road is the lifeline of a developed society; Without road there is no development.

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  • Misty Vijoynagar
    Misty valley of Vijoynagar
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    Sign Post at Vijoynagar
  • Vijoynagar Airfield

How to Reach :

By Air

Mohanbari Airport, Dibrugarh, Assam is the threshold entry point to Vijoynagar and can avail Helicopter Sortie Services. One can also avail Helicopter Sortie Services from Miao, Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday and Thursday only. These services are very irregular.

By Train

Miao is 115 km from the nearest long distance Railway station, Tinsukia Railway Station, Assam. And 55 km from the nearest Passenger Railway station, Ledo Railway Station, Assam.

By Road

At present, there is no road connection to Vijaynagar. Miao is the nearest town to Vijaynagar which is 157 Km away and takes about six days by foot march.