Changlang District has reached the stage in its present set up through a gradual development of Administration. Prior to 14th November 1987, it was a part of Tirap District. Under the Arunachal Pradesh Reorganization of Districts Amendment Bill, 1987,the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, formally declared the area as a new District on 14th November 1987 and became 10th district of Arunachal Pradesh and a new Deputy Commissioner was posted at the new district to maintains law and order with the help of administrative officers.

The Deputy Commissioner being the overall in-charge of the district maintains law and order with the help of administrative officers and police forces. Moreover, the villagers have their own customary administrative systems in the form of traditional village councils consisting of the Gaon Buras and members.

The administrative setup is based on single line administration which aims to keep close co-operation amongst various developmental departments with the district administration and thus, to work together for the speedy development of the area.

The Changlang district has four Sub-Divisions namely Changlang, Miao, Jairampur and Bordumsa. The Changlang Sub-Divisions covers five circles, namely Changlang, Khimiyang, Namtok, Yatdam and Kantang. The Miao Sub-Division covers four circles namely Miao, Kharsang, Vijoynagar and Namphai-1. The Jairampur Sub-Division covers six Circles, namely Jairampur, Nampong, Manmao, Rima-Putok, Lyngok-Longtoi and Renuk. The Bordumsa Sub-Division has got only two circles Bordumsa and Diyun. Total, there are seventeen Circles in Changlang district.

Official Address of Deputy Commissioner:

Office of Deputy Commissioner
Changlang District,
Changlang – 792 120,
Arunachal Pradesh,

Phone: 03808-222221(O), 03808-222618(O), 03808-222224(R)
FAX: 03808-222226