COVID-19 Supports

Following eServices and utilities have been used by district administration in monitoring, supports and contact tracing during this COID-19 pandemic:

  • AAROGYA SETU Dashboard and App for contact tracing:
    Website link:
  • Web portal and mobile App for transferring Rapid Antibody Test and RT-PCR data to ICMR portal for probable +ve/-ve cases, through Medical officer’s mobile phones:
    Website link:
  • Monitoring, addition and updating of COVID-19 dedicated facilities, updating of positive cases, etc.:
    Website link:
  • ePass application for essential Services, such as Vehicle Pass, Medical emergency Pass and other entry Passes during COVID-19 lockdown time:
    Website link:
  • Mobile app for delivery of essential goods from local shops to citizens during COVID-19 lockdown time.:
    Download link: “fav N fresh” mobile app
  • Delivery of essential goods through online webportal ( from local shops to citizens during COVID-19 lockdown time.
    Now these services have been discontinued after lifting of the lockdown.