Changlang district has four Sub-Divisions namely Changlang, Miao, Jairampur and Bordumsa. The Changlang Sub-Divisions covers five circles, namely Changlang, Khimiyang, Namtok, Yatdam and Kantang. The Miao Sub-Division covers four circles namely Miao, Kharsang, Vijoynagar and Namphai-1. The Jairampur Sub-Division covers six Circles, namely Jairampur, Nampong, Manmao, Rima-Putok, Lyngok-Longtoi and Renuk. The Bordumsa Sub-Division has got only two circles Bordumsa and Diyun. Total, there are seventeen Circles in Changlang district.

Administrative Circles of Changlang district:

District Sub-Division Circle Year of opening Designation of Officer In-charge
Changlang 1. Changlang 1. Changlang 14/11/1987 Deputy Commissioner
2. Yatdam 02/11/2001 Circle Officer (CO)
3. Namtok 29/12/2002 Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) 
>4. Khimiyang 04/02/2009 Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC)
5. Kantang 21/02/2013 Circle Officer (CO)
2. Miao 6. Miao 19/06/2003 Additional Deputy Commissioner
7. Kharsang na Circle Officer (CO)
8. Vijoynagar 1962 Circle Officer (CO)
9. Namphai-1 26/03/2013 Circle Officer (CO)
3. Jairampur 10. Jairampur 15/07/2002 Additional Deputy Commissioner
11. Nampong 07/07/2009 Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)
12. Rima-Putok 21/06/2002 Circle Officer (CO)
13. Manmao 04/02/2009 Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC)
14. Lyngok-Longtoi 07/06/2009 Circle Officer (CO)
15. Renuk 07/06/2009 Circle Officer (CO)
4. Bordumsa 16. Bordumsa 17/06/2009 Additional Deputy Commissioner
7. Diyun 27/01/2009 Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC)