Title Date Download/Link
Order on Imposition of restriction of carrying Arms in entire Changlang district during General Election 2019 14/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
Alternate File : Download(1 MB)
District Profile 02/08/2018 Download(160 KB)
Disaster Management Plan 01/08/2018 Download(6 MB)
Succession certificate 01/08/2018 Download(10 KB)
Land Possession Certificate 01/08/2018 Download(11 KB)
Land Allotment 01/08/2018 Download(12 KB)
Arm purchase permit 01/08/2018 Download(9 KB)
Ammunition purchase permit 01/08/2018 Download(9 KB)
Arm Carrying Lincence 01/08/2018 Download(9 KB)
Arm Licence 01/08/2018 Download(18 KB)