Elected Representatives 

  • Member of Parliament:

    Name and Portfolio hold Parliamentary Constituency Party Affiliation Contact Number
    Member of Parliament
    Lok Sabha
    2 – Arunachal East Parliamentary Constituency    
  • Member of Legislative Assembly


    Name and Portfolio hold Assembly Constituency Party Affiliation Contact Number
    MLA 49 – Bordumsa-Diyun Assembly Constituency    
    MLA 50 – Miao (ST) Assembly Constituency    
    MLA 51 Nampong (ST) Assembly Constituency    


    52 – Changlang South (ST) Assembly Constituenc    
    MLA 53 – Changlang North (ST) Assembly Constituency    
  • Panchayat:

    Name and Portfolio hold Zila Parishad Member Party Affiliation Contact Number
    ZPM Chairperson