About NIC District Centre

The NIC district Centre, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh was established in July 1989 having only one officer from NIC with a single 386 PC and a few terminals. It has been supporting and coordinating with the district administration and other departments in the district in implementation of eGovernance services through ICT services since its inception. However, the modest resources did not come in its way towards providing ICT support to the district administration and in implementation of ICT based citizen services and government schemes in the district. Being one of the remotest districts of the country with no other ISPs (Internet Service Providers), in the early years NICNET played a pivotal role in providing Internet services to district administration and other departments in the district. At present it is one of the most active NIC District Centres in the state in terms of providing NICNET connectivity and comprehensive e-Government Services to the citizen.

The NIC District Centre has also been played pivotal role in ICT support to district Administration during Parliamentary and Assembly Election times. All Election application software packages and initiative of Election Commission of India have usually been successfully implemented and support to district administration during every Election time.

The NIC District Centre, Changlang remains committed to bring in new ICT innovation and technologies to serve the District Administration better and fulfil the objective of the Digital India initiate.



IP Phone: 22276



SHRI KESHAV SINGH GAUTAM ( Scientific and Technical Assistant – B )