Namdapha National Park


Namdapha, a National Park and Tiger Reservek, a true wilderness and enchanting beauty of lush green vegetation, impenetrable pristine and virgin forests covered an area of 1985.23 square kilometres having diverse flora and fauna lies in the international border between India and Myanmar(Burma) within Changlang District in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast India.

Namdapha National Park is located at a few kilometre away from Miao amidst misty blue hills along the turbulent Noa-Dihing river lies in the sprawling tropical rain forest. It was declared as Tiger Reserve by the Government in 1983.

The beautiful forests possess great biodiversity of Flora and Fauna. A details study of its species and genetic variation has not yet been thoroughly done. Namdapha is Botanist’s dream and it may take as long as 50 years to complete a comprehensive survey of its botanical resources.

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  • Forest Rest House, Deban
    Forest Rest House
  • NamdaphaRiver
    Namdapha River
  • Dpahabum Peak
    Daphabum peak

How to Reach :

By Air

Mahanbari Airport, Dibrugarh is the nearest airport to Namdapha National Park and distance from airport is about 168 kilometers

By Train

Ledo Railway Station is the nearest local passenger railway station to Namdapha National Park and distance from station is 67 kilometers. Tinsukia Railway station is the nearest long distance Express Railway station to Namdapha National Park and distance from station is 127 kilometers

By Road

Miao is the nearest bus-stop to Namdapha National Park and distance from bus-stop is 12 kilometers


Visitors can stay at Forest Rest House, Deban, Namdapha National Park. At, Miao town, visitors can stay at Circuit House, Inspection Bungalow, and Eco Tourist Guest House.