Lake of No Return

Nampong is a quaint small town situated in the picturesque scenic valley. All along the way from Jairampur to Nampong one can enjoy the nature’s ride and the sight of beautiful terraced tea gardens. The close proximity of the town is Burma border make it very crucial & important. Three days Border Trading markets are open as Bazar days in a month on 10th, 20th and 30th of the month at Nampong for selling and buying of goods for both Indian and Myanmarese nationals. During these three days, people are allowed to cross international border at Pangsau Pass with due permission from the concern authority. The Government has declared Nampong as international trading hub. 20 Km from Nampong one can see World War II Observatory post at Wintong.

The historic Stilwell Road (Ledo Road) passing through the Nampong and goes down to Burma from here. It is threshold of the Indo-Burma (Myanmar) border. The Pangsau Pass, the Indo-Burma (Myanmar) border is just 12 Km away from Nampong where the famous the Lake of no Return can be viewed from the Pass. Nampong and Pangsau Pass were considered to be “Hell gate” or “Hell Pass” due to difficult terrains in the Indo-Burma Patkai mountain Range. Crossing these places toward Burma were considered to be dangerous and hazardous as Hell during the World War II.

The famous lake called The Lake of no return in Myanmar side which can be viewed from Pangsau pass is 12 Km away from Nampong. During World War II, large numbers of Aircrafts were reported to have perished into this lake. Perhaps, the lake served the Allied Pilots for soft landing into the lake water during return mission when the Aircrafts got hit by enemy or out of mechanical snags in the Aircraft. During World War II, flying over “the Hump””, many transport planes were crashed in and around China-Burma-India borders junction when air supply from Assam, India to Allied soldiers who were fighting with Japanese forces in China and north Burma (Myanmar) were undergoing.

The Pilots had chosen this lake for emergency landing in case of imminent Air crush and therefore, many aircraft were reported to have perished in to the lake.

Lake of no return, Pangsau Pass

Lake of no return


Jairampur - Nampong Road


Terrace Tea Garden Nampong


Border Sign Post