Name of Head of Department :-   Shri Langhang Hondique, Deputy Director, Contact Number :- 9436631313, Email id :- daochanglang[at]

Government Scheme

  1. Centrally Sponsored Scheme CSS

    1. National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
    2. Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY)
    3. National Mission on Oil Seed & Oil Palm (NMOOP)
    4. Paramparagat Krishi Vikash Yojana (PKVY)
    5. Mission Organic Value Chain Development (MOVCD)
    6. Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanization (SMAM)
  2. State Annual Development Agenda

    1. Integrated Nutrient Management Programme (INMP)
    2. Integrated Pest Management Programme (IPMP)
    3. Cash Crop Development Programme (CCDP)
    4. State Food Security Programme (SFSP)
  3. Flagship Programme

    1. Chief Minister Agriculture Farm Mechanization Programme (CMAFMP)
    2. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayeen Yojana (PMKSY)
    3. National Project on Soil Health and Fertility
  4. Activities and Achievements :

Sl. No.

Name of Scheme

Name of Component

No. of Unit


National Food Security Mission (NFSM)

1)Cluster Demonstration on SRI

70 Ha


2)Distribution of HYV Paddy seed.

300 Qntl



3)Soil and Plant Protection Management

200 Ha



4)Plant Protection Chemical

50 Ha



5)Resource Conservation Technique

125 Nos



6)Cluster Demonstration on Improved Technology (Urd & Moong)

10 ha



7)Cropping based demonstration (Blackgram & Maize)

10 Ha


8)Distribution of HYV Pulses (Arhar,Urd, Moong

70 Qntls



9)Resource Conservation Technique (Sprayer)

30 Nos



10)Demonstration on Improved Package & Practices  of  Maize

500 Ha



11)Distribution of Certified Seeds

655 Ha


Sl. No.

Name of Scheme

Name of Component

No. of Unit


Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana

1)Gender Friendly hand Tools Kits 

120 units



2)Turmeric Cultivation

10 units



3)King Chilli Cutivation

37 unit



4) Papaya Cutivation :

4 unit



5) Paddy Cum Fish Culture

10 units



6)Area Expansion

15 units



7)Bean  Production Programme 

06 unit



8)Buck Wheat Production Programme

05 unit



9)Permanent Vegetable Garden 

02 units



10)Off season Vegetable

25 ha




01 unit


Sl. No.

Name of Scheme

Name of Component

No. of Unit


National Mission on Oil Seed & Oil Palm (NMOOP)

1)Distribution of certified seeds

Mustard (22 Qntls)






(23 Qntls)



Seasamum (70 kg)



2)Block demonstration

Mustard (1 Qntls)



Soyabean (0.3 Qntls)



Seasamum (1.13 kg)



3) IPM Demonstration (IPM Kits)

1 No



 4)Farmers Training 

1 No



5)Distribution of Agril Lime.

39 Qntl



6) Distribution of Bio Fertilizer

23 Qntl



7) Plant Protection Chemical

23 Ha



8) Nuclear Polyherdosis Virus.

12 Ha



9) PP Equipments ( Knapsack sprayer)

18 Nos



10) Seed Treatment Drums

12 Nos



11) Pipes for carrying water from source to field.

1900 Mtrs



12) Area Expansion (Palm Oil Sapling)

70 Ha



13) Area Expansion

60 Ha



14) Production Inputs Components (Drip Irrigation )

30 Ha


Sl. No. Name of Scheme Name of Component No. of Unit


Paramparagat Krishi Vikash Yojana (PKVY)

Mustard Seeds



Sl.No Name of Scheme Name of Component No. of Unit


Mission Organic Value Chain Development (MOVCD)

Mustard cultivation

500 Hect


Sl. No. Name of Scheme Name of Component No. of Unit


Chief  Minister Agril. Farm Mechanization Programm (CMAFMP)

1) Power Tiller

05 Nos



2) Paddy Dehusking Machine

05 Nos


Head of Department: District Fisheries Development Officer

Contact Address:

Department of Fisheries, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh-792120

Email: fisherieschanglang[at], Contact: 03808-222289, 9436835278

Department of fisheries Changlang is working with objectives of conservation of endemic fish fauna of the district, development of fresh water aquaculture, self sufficiency in quality fish seeds and to uplift the welfare of the fish farmers. The Department of fisheries, Changlang is operating Govt. fish farm each in Diyun, Bordumsa, Miao and Changlang for the purpose of showcasing scientific fish culture and production of quality fish seeds. Govt. Fish farm Diyun is recently equipped with Chinese Circular Hatchery for production of carp seeds.

Government fish farms:

With an objective of showcasing the scientific model of aquaculture, four numbers of well maintained fish farm is functioning each at Diyun, Bordumsa, Changlang (Rangkatu running water fish farm) and Miao.

  1. Fish farm Diyun: The farm has water spread area of 0.35 ha and recently is equipped with Eco-hatchery for producing carps seeds.

  2. Fish farm Bordumsa:  The farm has water spread area of 0.684 ha and FRP hatchery is being installed for demonstrating and producing carps seeds.

  3. Goverment Fish farm Miao:   The farm has water spread area of 0.2 ha and is mainly being used by department for demonstration and fish seed rearing.

  4. Running water fish pond Rangkatu:  The farm is established at periphery of Tirap River near Rangkatu village and has 0.65 ha of water area. The Rangkatu fish farm is running water fish farm. It was establish with an aim to showcase the model of running water aquaculture

Aquaculture in Changlang district:

Changlang district has enormous potential for developing both high altitude and low altitude aquaculture. The district has 268 ha area of aquaculture pond which is developed with the assistance from department of fisheries under various schemes. It is estimated that about 858 ha of area is suitable for further development to fish ponds. The Changlang district is annually producing 185.2 tons of table fish and 0.86 million fish seeds. 

Diyun circle and Bordumsa circle is contributing the major share of fish production in district where private fish farmers have firmly established themselves to this enterprise. There are more than 23 no’s of progressive fish farmers coming from this two circle and they are also involve in seed production, seed rearing, crustacean culture and catfish culture apart from composite carp culture.

Capture fisheries in Changlang district:

The capture fishery in district is prevalent in the rivers and streams of the district where seasonal or occasional fishers are active. Main catch comprises of carps, molas, gar fish, clupeids, Mahaseers, spiny eels, perch, murrels etc. Various indigenous gears are being use for catch small to large fish. Gill net and cast net are most common synthetic gears being use by fishers.

Fish Mahals:  Department has few designated fish mahal which are annual being tendered for eco-friendly exploitation of fishery resource. Some of the major catches from the fish Mahals are Chagunis chugunio, Labeo boga, Labeo dyocheilusPsylorynchus sps, Clupiesoma Garua, Labeo deroTot torTor putitoraNeolissochilus hexagonolepis etc.  

Schemes and programme:

The department of fisheries Changlang is implementing various state sponsored schemes and centrally sponsored schemes for development of fishery in Changlang district. The schemes like NSWF, Blue Revolution scheme, RKVY scheme on fishery, Active fisherman group accident scheme and FFDA are greatly helping the local populace of the district in fish farming.


  1. Training programme: Department of Fisheries, Changlang regularly conduct training programme for fish farmers and rural youth in various subject of aquaculture.
  2. Technical Assistance: Department is round the clock assisting the fish farmers of the district on various aspects of scientific fish farming.
  3. Extension services: Department of fisheries, Changlang undertake various extension outreach activities like farm visit, training, demonstration, personal contact etc. with fish farmers of the district for welfare of the fish farmers.
  4. Development of new fish pond: Department of fisheries assist the fish farmers in developing new fish pond under various centrally sponsored schemes and state sponsored schemes
  5. Rejuvenation of old fish ponds: Based on the availability of schemes for rejuvenation of old ponds, Department of fisheries, Changlang provides schemes on rejuvenation of old pond time to time.
  6. Riverine fisheries conservation programme: Department is determine to conserve the natural fish fauna of the district and in order to achieve this objective, various conservation measure is adopted in collaboration with district administration. Fishing ban season, river ranching and awareness programmes are some annual activities toward.
  7. Quality seeds production and free seeds distribution: To achieve the target of self sufficiency in quality fish seeds. Department of fisheries, Changlang has started producing quality fish seeds at its Govt. Farm and every year, department organize free fish seeds distribution programme to assist the fish farmers of the district.

Some recent achievement of Department of fisheries Changlang:

  1. Quality carps seeds production at Diyun Govt. Fish farm: The recent established Chinese circular hatchery is successfully operated for producing carp fish seeds. The volume of the seeds production is expected to increase in years to come.
  2. Control breeding of common carp in GFF Rangkatu: Control breeding of common carp has been carried out in Govt. fish farm Rangkatu. Common carp seeds are being reared with aim of conducting experimental programme on integrated paddy cum fish culture in Changlang.
  3. Establishment of FRP hatchery in private farms: FRP hatchery is provided to fish farmers of the district and technical guidance is being provided for producing quality fish seeds. Hatchery is provided under RKVY scheme to achieve self reliance in quality fish seeds.
  4. Diyun circle as aquaculture hub of district: Department of fisheries Changlang has been able to create good numbers of fish pond in Diyun circle and trained many farmers to become successful fish farmers. The presence of fish pond in cluster has helped Diyun circle in become aquaculture hub of district. Diyun Circle is highest producer of table fish in district, highest producer of fish seeds in district, largest area covered under fish culture and has highest number of progressive fish farmer and fish seeds grower in Changlang district.
  5. Coverage of fishers under group accident Insurance scheme for active fisherman: Department of fisheries, Changlang has enrolled 125 fish farmers from Changlang district under group accident Insurance scheme for active fisherman with life coverage of 2 lakh.