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Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2009                   

From January 20, 2009 to January 22, 2009

Serenity & Splendour

The stunning PPWF’09 (Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2009) has been designated as a global village as it conjoins all the diverse tribes of the North East and Myanmar to reveal their customs and culture in broader perspective. Amazingly, the cultural carnival has traversed all the social barriers, inspiring the secluded regions to celebrate the ethnic existences that strongly bond together all the distinct tribes with diverse cultures and different religious backgrounds.
Beside, the illustration of colossal culture and traditions, this mega event also offers Kodak Moments for the awestruck visitors. Located in one of the most peaceful and eco-friendly territory, it is nature’s store house. As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of ethnic extravaganza, spontaneously, amazing events begins to weave unforgettable memories. The binary lanes, the endless greeneries, the dense foliages obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets nearby the historic Stilwell highway, the balletic birds, the ingenious insects, and the galloping animals confers worthwhile sojourns. The straightforwardness and humility of the rustic tribes adds integrity to the magical valley. Here, laidback life offers plenitude time to experience the famous ethnic fidelity and stupendous tribal hospitality. Be there to share and swap the simplest musical elation of life.
The spectacular PPWF’09 stages the extraordinary annals of the ethnic culture, cuisines and their environmental existences. The blazon of tribal spirit and the multi-ethos contours the strange customs and strangest civilization existing on the inaccessible terrains of the Patkai and the Himalayan Ranges. It’s a propitious privilege to gleefully explore the tribal land and begin the adventurous voyage towards the shrouded paradises. Blissfully, immerse yourself in the essence of the ethnic extravaganza and don’t forget to open your drowsy eyes to glance the exquisite elegances of this exotic countryside. An immaculate place fortified by serenity, thronged by the ethnic tribes full of life, celebrating the fabulous ethnicity that is in actual fact, varied and vivacious.


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